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You’ve come to the right place to buy PLR for your PLR content needs.

All PLR Content offers high quality niche content on various topics.  Find quality niche PLR content in the form of PLR articles, PLR reports, PLR ebooks… with fresh new PLR content updated often on a regular basis.

All PLR Content IS NOT a membership site… there are no membership fees, no subscription fees, no monthly membership dues. Simply pick out the PLR article packs and other PLR content that you wish to purchase, add it to the cart using the cart button at the bottom of each PLR pack description, and check out. As soon as you complete your PLR purchase, you will be able to download your PLR content.  It’s that easy!

When you buy PLR articles and content from All PLR Content, you will only pay $1.00 (yeah, just a buck!) per page. If you buy a 10 pack of articles (10 pages), it’s $10… if you buy an ebook with 65 pages of content, it’s $65.  Our PLR content is always just a dollar per page.

Get notified of new PLR immediately. Subscribe to our free RSS Feed and be notifed as soon as new PLR content packs are available and get updates about our PLR products. You can also use the handy search function on the right to search for PLR articles, PLR reports, and PLR ebooks.

What is PLR? PLR stands for Private Label Rights.  Private label rights articles save you time and can help bring in traffic and customers for your needs. Use our PLR articles for your websites, blogs, newsletters, email autoresponders, ezines, to create ebooks, etc. All PLR Content is just that: All private label rights content.

How can PLR benefit you?  It saves you time and money to buy PLR articles and PLR content. With All PLR Content, you don’t have to take time to think of ideas for articles or write articles. Plus you save money because when you buy from All PLR Content, you won’t be having to pay a ghostwriter (one article alone could cost you $25 and up).  Buy PLR, download it, tweak it a little to suit your needs, maybe add affiliate links for products you promote, and post the PLR article. That easy!

What can you do with PLR? With our private label rights content articles, you can do just about anything you want to do with the PLR articles that you purchase from All PLR Content, EXCEPT resell them as PLR.  Rewrite them, use them as is (rewriting IS recommended), create ebooks from the PLR articles, create short reports, load them into your email autoresponders, put your name on the content, etc.  The only thing you can’t do is resell it as PLR (We own the PLR rights).

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